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Situated a stones throw from the meeting point of Cambodia's life lines, Two Rivers Ale aim to bring urban farmhouse ale to the bustling streets of Phnom penh. Our beers try to innovate and push the limits of modern styles while staying true to the tradition of farmhouse brewing going back millennia. Come by the taproom to try one of the refreshing ales on our ever changing line up.

Whats On Tap​​​​​​​

Rainy Evenings

A beer designed to throwing back after a long days work, this grisette is brewed with local rice wine yeast leaving it dry 3.8% ABV while still having a full mouth feel. Strong notes of watermelon rind and citrus from the 28IBUs of Hüll Melon. ​​​​​​​

Petite Sombre

This is an extremely sinkable example of a saison but this time its on the darker side, think dunkelweizen. A clean fermentation allows for the banana and clove note that we all love from saisons to shine through. The ABV of 4.2% coupled with a density comparable to water makes this a sensational session brew. The 15 IBUs of mandarina bavaria hops added at the last minute compliments the chocolaty malt profile to leave you with jaffa vibes.​​​​​​​

Champagne of the East

When Napoleon's men marched northward in to modern day Germany they encountered a beverage they coin the “champagne of the north”. It was Berliner Weiße, our version tries to keep the acidity rained in while focusing on the subtle funkiness imparted by the Brettanomyces yeast. The ABV is a perfect session strength of 3.5% and the IBUs are In modern day Berlin a new tradition has come about, that of serving Berliner Weiße with the addition of a syrup made of either fresh raspberries or foraged woodruff. It turns out both of those things aren’t very easy to come by here in Cambodia so as a local homage to this practice we are offering the option of pomegranate or Ma Om syrups, or just drink it a la naturale.​​​​​​​

Phnom Penh Porter

When the British where doing there empire thing a lot of 19th century Englishmen found themselves in the tropical colonies in West Africa, West Indies and South East Asia. One of the only good things to come out of this situation was adaptation of British Porters to be suited to local climate and ingredients to form the Tropical Stout.This brown porter is heavily influenced by those tropical stouts. But, is a lot paler whilst still holding on to those roasty notes. Being Brewed with black rice adds a dark under tone while adding dryness and Skor Thnot(Cambodian palm sugar) from Kampong Speu Province is used to add a smooth caramel note, hopped with Sorachi Ace, this easily drinking porter comes in at 5.9% abv with 38IBUs.​​​​​​​


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